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Tim Coldwell



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Wes Hall


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Your project is delivered by a team of people. When that team is performing at its best, your project will go smoothly and when that team is performing poorly, your project will slip towards the ditch. Research tells us clearly that the highest performing teams are inclusive.


If you feel like you don't belong, you hold back. When you belong, you share knowledge. And sharing is where great ideas come from. Ideas that reduce cost, increase quality, save time and amplify impact. Creating a space for that to happen is what Énska does every day.


Tim Coldwell and Wes Hall both understand the benefit of inclusion. We're on a mission to use the immense reach of the real estate supply chain to create measurably more value for our clients, transform industry and build a more inclusive society where nobody is left behind. 

Team Meeting

The art of building high
performing teams.

A leader must have a view of the fears and motivations of the people on the team. The SCARF model developed by Dr. David Rock is an excellent framework we use to tailor our approach with project teams. 

On large projects, we utilize the Lumina Spark assessment with interactive app to aid with team leader development as well as group dynamics within large multi-disciplinary project teams. 

A Compelling Vision
for the Future

A compelling vision for the future is an aspect of leadership  missing on projects. Workshops and a poster won't cut it. The people on the project must be inspired by the vision.


That inspiration is fundamentally about storytelling. Énska works with the team to align on vision and develop stories to share that vision with folks in all roles on the project.

Énska helps stakeholders see how THIS project is special. We create the environment and story that helps teams see how they are part of something bigger than themselves. 

Stand-up Meeting

How is value created
on projects?

On most projects, contractors and engineers sit in the corner tapping their toes, looking at the calendar and wondering when the architect will be done iterating on the design.  

Jerry Hirshberg, a design manager with Nissan, coined the term Creative Abrasion to describe the process of getting the left brain people together with the right brain people. 


Value is created when an intellectually diverse group of people "rub up" against each other to passionately debate and advocate for proposed solutions to design problems. 

It's Your

A 2021 survey of 303 US and 202 Canadian owners revealed that 75% of their projects were significantly over budget and behind schedule. We believe the root cause of poor project performance is lack of effective leadership. Command and control is antiquated. A different kind of leader is called for. 

The story of Captain Mike Abrashoff and the USS Benfold is legendary. The USS Benfold was ranked as one of the worst performing ships in the US navy when Abrashoff took command. With low morale and the highest turnover rate in the Navy, few thought the ship could improve.

And yet, twelve months later, USS Benfold was ranked #1 in performance with the same crew. Mike replaced command and control with commitment and cohesion. He created the environment for the team to do their best work. The lesson is clear. Leadership matters and culture is everything. 

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