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If you ever find yourself counting the minutes until lunch or coffee, wondering if the day is over, you're not in what we call the sweet spot. Your best work happens when four hours feels like five minutes. At Énska, we focus on helping our teamates  find the sweet spot and we create an inclusive environment for people to do their best work.

Mountain Peak

Are you tired of the grind
at the big firm?

If you're becoming disillusioned with life at the big firm and still want to work on interesting projects, let's chat. If your'e the kind of  kind of person that people naturally want to follow. A person who inspires and motivates. Someone who's focused on win-win solutions. If you truly want your partners to succeed, have we got an opportunity for you.


Arjun's Reinvention

At nineteen, Arjun joined a general contractor during his co-op work term. He soon set himself apart with leadership and communication skills. After a few years, Arjun was promoted to project manager working in special projects. He won and ran a design-build project. He was so proud of that!

That design-build experience gave Arjun the skills required to lead larger projects and he worked his way up to project executive when he was forty. Clients and designers loved Arjun but he wasn't part of the "club" that had emerged when a key leader retired from the organization. 

Prospects for advancement were political and Arjun felt relentless pressure to hit the forecast, pursue the change order, enhance fee and squeeze subcontractors. All of a sudden, it stopped being fun. Arjun started to count the hours waiting until the end of the day. 


Until one day, Arjun heard about Énska. Soon, he would be working on meaningful projects with half the stress and none of the politics. Even better, the projects were all using the real estate supply chain as a force for good. Hours fly by like minutes. The twinkle is back in Arjun's eyes.

Design Studio
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