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We're on a mission to solve our labour crisis by giving youth a chance. But we can't do it alone. We're inviting our clients and partners to join us to impact 50,000 families with skilled trade jobs. The economic impact of that is billions. 

Tim Coldwell and Wes Hall are examples of what is possible when you give someone a chance. Let's pay it forward over an over again. Construction demand coupled with our labour crisis is an opportunity for impact at massive scale. 

for 50,000
youth by

We've got to do
this together.

The war for talent is fierce. And yet the challenge is so great, we need to share resources if our industry is to rise to the challenge. That's why we are open-sourcing tools and techniques we use to recruit youth to work on our projects. Later this year, we will publish a toolkit containing social media resources and a guide for recruiters.

Supporting Teachers
Kit Building Volunteers

Énska has partnered with Honour the Work, a national not for profit and charity. Every day, thousands of elementary students across Canada are introduced to the skilled trades with books, equipment and lesson plans from Honour the Work. All of these resources are tailored to each province's curriculum. 


Jake grew up in an Indigenous community a few hours outside the big city. He was raised by his grandmother who told him about the old ways. Jake had two kids but wasn't together with their mom anymore. 

There were few employment opportunities on the rez, so Jake left for the big city. He worked a series of odd jobs struggling to make ends meet. He rarely saw his kids and started to struggle with depression. 

One day, Jake got a call from a recruiter for a contractor working on an Énska project. They had gotten Jake's number from his grandmother and wanted to know if Jake was interested in apprenticing as a steelworker. 

Jake said yes and was soon earning twice what he had been making. A few years later, with his red seal, Jake was making well over $100,000 per year. He works 10 days on and 5 off so he can live in community with his kids. 

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