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Real Estate

Our value proposition is simple. We will save you money and deliver significant, verified ESG outcomes at zero premium cost.

As true partners, we guide our clients through all stages of the real estate cycle, from inception to completion.

Site Selection

We find sites and

adaptive reuse opportunities

that meet your needs.

Project Planning

The #1 reason projects

fail is poor planning. We plan projects properly. 

Supply Chain

We optimize project

supply chains to reduce cost and increase impact.

Project Funding

We obtain grant, equity 

and debt funding to optimize

the capital stack.

Project team assembly
and governance.

Team Assembly

We advise on delivery methods and assemble the right team for your project.

Impact Sourcing

We teach the project team how to do social procurement at zero incremental cost.


We provide oversight of the project, engaging partner executives in the process.


We work with partner organizations or in-house staff as we entitle the project. 


We help the team reduce operational and embodied carbon significantly.


We work with a third party to verify ESG outcomes so you can report with confidence.


: the act or process of overseeing the control and direction of something.

Most projects have too much management

and not enough governance. 


Less than 10% of major projects are completed on time and on budget. And yet those projects are awash with management systems, processes and experts. More management isn't the answer.


The #1 reason projects fail is poor planning. The term planning has dimensions. Not enough. Not detailed enough. Not early enough. Wrong people involved. Incorrect data. Fraught with bias.

Getting the plan right is what we do. 


The #2 reason projects fail is poor governance. Too many people in the weeds, no shared vision for the project, poor executive sponsorship, wrong people involved in critical decisions. 


Project governance is what we do.

Today's projects are complex. And your team needs a leader that has Industry Knowledge and Executive Presence. We provide those kinds of leaders for your next project.


We advise First Nations deploying capital on their own or in partnerships they control. All projects are setup from the onset to maximize opportunity for the Nation’s businesses and members.

"...Self-determination can be realized if First Nations have opportunities to grow own-source revenue and capital..." - NAACA


If your Nation wants to get into the real estate, clean energy or construction businesses, we can help you organically build or acquire capacity. We work with you to accelerate of economic self-determination.

Real Estate

We support First Nations

that are developing real estate

either off or on reserve.


We support First Nation

DevCos that are entering the construction business.  

Clean Energy

We assemble teams to

partner with First Nations on

clean energy projects.

Project Benefits

We support First Nations

on ways to optimize Impact

Benefit Agreements.

Stewards of the Earth

Social and environmental impact verification.  

We have partnered with Buy Social Canada for impact verification. Énska works with your project team to efficiently collect data that is verified as part of monthly progress billings for the project.

Buy Social Canada


The nature of work in the design and construction industry is rapidly changing. Our design and construction executives are early adopters of technology and have access to the latest tools. Today, it is possible to give an AI a site address and have it generate massing, floor layouts and a quantity take off in a matter of seconds. 

With tools such as Hypar, (right) this occurs through a text prompt interface. The user can define local zoning requirements as well as building typology and desired functional program. There are dozens of tools like this emerging in the marketplace that we can leverage.

As with any analysis tool, it's garbage in garbage out. And that's where the hands-on experience of our executives comes to bear. We combine the wisdom of our leaders with these emerging tools to dramatically increase the depth of analysis possible early in the process before a design and construction team is engaged for the project. 

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