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A Trillion's Worth of Housing

The Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation estimates that investment

of $1 trillion is required to attain housing affordability in Canada.

Governments across Canada are using their land holdings to catalyse affordable housing. Typically, this is via an rfp process that requires a development partner that will have a hurdle return. Énska allows you to respond to those rfps with a financier and a design-build team.

This allows you to control the project and enables more affordable housing per acre of land. Every participant in a project comes with a margin they must sustain to participate. Up to 46% of construction costs is markups on markups.

And then, the Owner has a ROI to meet.

Énska optimises the supply chain of your project to reduce cost and maximise impact. Often, this involves breaking scopes apart, buying directly from manufacturers and supplying smaller builders. Significant cost savings accrue when we pursue these strategies.

And that means more affordable housing for Canadians.


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