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Get the Business Case Right!

The #1 reason projects fail, is poor planning.

Danish professor Bent Flyvbjerg calls our industry track record on projects the Iron Law of Project Management. Over Budget, Over Time, Under Benefits, Over and Over Again. He’s run the numbers on tens of thousands of projects:

  • 47.9% are on budget.

  • 8.5% are on budget and on time.

  • 0.5% are on budget and on time with the planned benefits.

If you ask Flyvbjerg the cause of these dismal outcomes, he will tell you it’s poor planning. The phrase “poor planning” has dimensions. Not enough. Not detailed enough. Not early enough. Wrong people involved. Incorrect data. Fraught with bias. Very few owners know how to navigate this.

What does "proper planning" mean for your project and how will you make sure that it happens? If you’re going to “plan the planning” of a major capital project we believe experience with the entire project lifecycle is critical. That includes management of the subcontractors who ultimately do 80% of the work.

Énska knows what it takes to plan a project correctly. The key is to ask the right questions and get input from the right people and organizations. We distill all of that work down into a comprehensive business case that includes the project's development strategy, a design brief with outline specification, a carbon budget, an impact plan, full cost plan and an analysis of risk including risk register.

The business case also contains the owner's conditions of satisfaction, KPIs for project performance and a governance framework for the project. The goal for every project is to deliver on exactly what is in the business case meaning on budget, on schedule, with the intended quality/functionality all while delivering for zero premium cost the ESG outcomes originally targeted in the plan.


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