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We exist to discover

and deliver shared value, to make what matters.

Énska is a real estate advisory and project governance practice focused on the projects our communities need the most.

Énska is Canada’s first Indigenous real estate advisory and project governance practice. We focus on the projects that our communities need the most. The firm serves first nations, investment funds, family offices, institutions nonprofits and all levels of government. 


Our firm is named Énska, the Mohawk word for one. We chose this name because one person, one project or one company can start a movement and because we recognize that we must do it together, as one.


We will capitalize on our founder’s track record of scaling businesses that contribute to a more-inclusive society. And our goal is to impact 50,000 youth as we scale. Our value proposition is simple. We save you money and will deliver verified ESG outcomes at zero premium cost. 


( Thank You )

Make what

We are in business to discover
and deliver shared value.

Our vision is to use real estate to grow community wealth. We optimize supply chains to discover and deliver more value for our clients, nurture our planet and build an inclusive society. A society where nobody is left behind. This vision is supported by three missions:

Client Mission



We discover

hidden value in

supply chains.

Society Mission



We dare to

build an inclusive society.

Planet Mission



We fearlessly

steward our land

for the future.


We dare to explore

new paths to prosperity

together as one.


We embrace the Haudenosaunee belief that each person is born with responsibilities. To their families, to their clan and nation, to themselves and to the natural world around them. 

Fifty by

According to RBC, nearly half of the Canadian building industry will retire by 2030 all while demand for construction services is expected to triple. Housing affordability, the clean energy transition and the success of your project all rely on skilled tradespeople. And we don't have enough.

Today, there are 7 million youth (ages 16-30) in Canada and 560,000 live in poverty. The poverty rate of BIPOC youth is twice the Canadian average. What if we worked together as an industry to give them a hand up? We're on a mission to impact 50,000 youth by 2050. Fifty by fifty!


Trades jobs pay 1.5x the living wage and are a gateway to management or entrepreneurship. We can solve our labour crisis buy creating opportunities for meaningful work. Énska demonstrates how this saves money. Together, we can lift people from poverty while addressing our labour crisis. 

Working Together on Project
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